Funeral expenses are rising 3.9% per year*

Our programs provide information on how you can take care of them, when you are gone.
*Source: National Funeral Directors Association Reports

Timeliss Memori Funeral Finance Program

The Timeliss Memori Funeral Finance Program provides information on planning your end-of-life wishes in advance, making it easy to plan your choice ahead of time, and granted when the time comes, all expenses covered. *

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How It Works

Step 1

Complete your information and Funeral choices (app provided)

Step 2

Arrange a meeting with Financial Insurance Agents

Step 3

Access your vault and planner to store your documents, memories and even messages for the future Find Out More

Step 4

Inform us on passing to begin carrying our your plans and wishes

Majority of people do not wish to burden their families with their final expenses

We get it. Planning for the end can seem costly and complicated. But you don't want to burden your loved ones with that heavy responsibility.

That is why we provide a holistic programs that assures your funeral wishes and final plans are followed accordingly, even when you no longer can.

Because preparing for the inevitable makes all the difference

It's Just Cheaper

Save up to 50% costs of final expenses*

*Subjected to insurance process, due diligence and acceptance.

One-Stop Planning

Through the digital platform you will gain access to the information and tools to manage your funeral preferences, and your legacy plans, all in one place.

Secured Sharing

Your choices, information and plans are stored securely in one place. Our application ensures the right people get the information at the right time to carry out your wishes.

Find out more about how we take care of your data.

Your Wishes Assured

Your last wishes documented and passed on to your choice executors or next of kin.

Finances Covered

Funeral financing ensures your wishes are known, and that expenses covered in carrying out your wishes, removing the financial burden off loved ones.

Our Features

Sum Assured

Each tribute is verified by community providers to ensure the authenticity of its contents

Letter of Instruction

Control every aspect of your tribute to be viewed by the public, or selected loved ones

Funeral Type

Customize designs and website address to personalize to your needs (additional fees may apply)

Resting Place

Various integrations with Facebook makes it easy for others to get involved, share content, and celebrate loved ones in a welcoming fashion

App Integration

Tributes are built to last, so each record is tracked to notify loved ones of updates and new content as time progresses

Choice of Burial

Each tribute can provide a channel for donations to loved ones or other appointed organizations, and showcased on a donor roll

Saving More For Your Loved Ones

Complete $50/mon Honor $75/mon
Health Check 1 1
Online Will
Digital Planning & Storage Application
Letter of Instruction Online Online
Planning Management
Casket Standard Premium
Funeral Venue
Digital Storage Capacity Digital storage allows for your information to be shared in the future 20MB (15 years) 20MB (30 years)
Niche for post-cremation
Burial Plot
Funeral Budget 60K 100K
Resting Place
Estate Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save money with Funeral Financing?

Funeral Financing program takes advantage of insurance plans from licensed insurance firms to reduce the cost of your final expenses.

What are the steps to get started?

Fill up the contact form and a representative will reach out to you shortly.

How do I ensure my choices are carried out?

Your last wishes documented and passed on to your choice executors or next of kin. Meanwhile, funeral packages purchased here will be fulfilled

What is included in this package?

Please see our listed packages above.

Let us tailor a solution for you

Answer a few simple questions to find out if the scheme is right for you

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