Chiu Lu Piao

23rd Sep 1952 — 1st Jul 2018
Roger Pho 2 Jul 2018

Dearest Uncle Piao, you have been a blessing in my life and also to those around you. Thank you for showing me the importance of what family is. I have learnt from you so much from all of your advise. Even your children have brightened up my life and have shown me patience, wisdom (Audrey guiding me through academics) love, compassion (Becca demonstrating humanitarian support in her being) and humour and laughter (Rach in all he wittiness and jokes bringing joy to me:) You have all these wonderful traits when i knew you and they will live on through your children and lovely grandchildren, plus future generations to come. Thank you for being my great, kind and loving uncle. You will be dearly missed and your memory lives on through all of us. May God rest your soul and bless you and your family always!